Hay finds

Hay Festival, that great annual camping trip made by the country's intelligentsia to the book town, was a rainy affair yesterday, but fun nonetheless. I scored MI Finley's The Ancient Economy, an older edition published 1975, so it's not got the fancy new foreword from Ian Morris but I can live without it. Much of it will be outmoded of course, I'm pretty happy to have grabbed such a foundational text for £4.50. I also made my first purchase of a LOEB for our baby library/study: Lucretius De Rerum Natura. Yay.

I also picked up:
* Beer's Taste Or Taboo, Dietary choices in antiquity - don't know much about this one but it could be interesting;
* George Eliot's Silas Marner - to add to our classics;
* EM Forster's Collected Short Stories - because short stories are definitely the way to go, a collection of Guy de Maupassant short stories were one of my favourite reads of the last year.

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