Academic activities

I'm an AHRC-funded PhD research student in the Ancient History section of the School of History, Archaeology and Religion, at Cardiff University. My current work, including conference presentations, is on my profile. 

Thesis working title: ‘Genocide’ and Rome, 343-146 BCE: state expansion and the social dynamics of annihilation.

Using sociologically informed approaches to understanding genocide, I am looking at the role of the Roman destruction of other societies and ethnic groups including through mass killing, forced relocation and mass enslavement. This involves explication of ways in which such annihilation was enacted, of what social functions it expressed, and of the agency behind it. This project is bounded by the period of Roman expansion between the so-called First Samnite War and the cotemporal destructions of Corinth and Carthage, raising questions of imperialism and ethnicity.

The outcome is intended to both adapt sophisticated theory to the study of the ancient past, as well as to feedback into modern debates within the field of genocide studies.


I lead Part One Ancient History seminars, covering the introduction modules to both Greece and Rome, and teach on Greek Warfare and ancient source training courses.

Public outreach and engagement

I'm was a Postgraduate Project Coordinator for SHARE with Schools, a secondary school outreach project. As well as going into schools to deliver presentations and hands in artefact sessions, I've whipped the online tools into shape to promote the project. In my third year with the project I'm taking a lead among the coordination team.

MA Ancient History

Dissertation: 'Social nudity in recreational contexts of Roman society' (distinction). One day I'll get around to reading it through to re-edit it with a little distance and open access archive it online.

BA (hons.) Ancient History and Cultural Criticism

Dissertation: 'The Representation of Culture Through Sex in Herodotus' (distinction).
  • Prize for best Joint Honours final year student in School of Ancient History
  • Cardiff University Scholarship for academic performance
  • Elizabeth Thomas Prize for best first year performance in School of Ancient History

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