(in)voluntary absentmindedness

Last night I had that very strange feeling you get when you realise that earlier that day you'd been happily chatting away to someone who not only do you know of but actually have a couple of their sitting books on the shelf.[1] Books with some outstanding public library fines.

The Festival of British Archaeology is in full swing, with a wet start to the festivities at the Celtic village for me on Sunday. The bell casting experiment did however prove to be a highlight. This years theme is Reconnections, with activities at all the major centres in South Wales, including the National Museum, St Fagans, Caerwent and Caerleon. The festival blog will be updated throughout. And if you look carefully you'll see a very gormless me standing there, after a hard day's work clearing out

[1] Brewer, R.J., 2000. Caerleon and the Roman Army 2nd ed., Llyfrau Amgueddfa Cymru/ National Museum Wales Books; Brewer, R.J., 1997. Caerwent Roman Town 2nd ed., Cadw Welsh Historic Monuments.


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