Sherds and shadows

Squint and you'll see me at the pottery stall.
photo (c)Amgueddfa Cymru
Kids are all kinds of crazy awesome. And I never knew there were so many of them. Yesterday was spent for the most part helping them cut, stick and create shadow puppets, with an hour or so manning the pottery tables, trying to blag what little Mediaeval pottery knowledge I remembered from my small involvement with LEARN (humanities provision at which is currently, scandalously endangered). And turns out some of those blighters had an insatiable desire to know, and to be involved. And you can see that some of them really do engage with that notion of Reconnections, the theme of this year's festival. Today my voice has still been sore, worn out by the sheer enthusiasm of those youthful wards whose interests and knowledge often went beyond what you would expect (like the six-year-old telling me about Boudicca) and beyond what their own parents/guardians could understand (like the little boy and girl who spent an easy hour sorting misshapen lumps of pottery).

I wonder if these will form those formative experiences that imprint on the psyche, as the dinosaur exhibit of my youth, in that very same building, still haunts my imagination.


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