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Cuts? In my experience postgraduate funding is already in crisis.

So, as ever I have as my springboard a guardian article, this one covering the imminent prospect of imminent postgraduate funding cuts. I should probably not have used the term "prospect" as the current situation is already so dire that those completing them basically have none. Having been through the process I thought it'd jot down my thoughts in response.

I did a masters because I loved the subject. I didn't expect to go straight into a cushy graduate position when I left; especially when the economy went into recession not long into my studies. I did not, however, expect to still be working at the as an assistant in a supermarket (sorry, its m&s, so *ahem* _food hall_). At £6.62 an hour, 37 and a half hours a week, minus lunch breaks, I can just about manage to pay my immediate bills and put a little aside to go towards my student debts. These aren't my student loans co debts; like many students the ~£18k I owe them don't even figure in my mental acc…