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A visit to Braiding Roman Villa

Braiding gets some things very right. The custom build that comprises the main section of the centre is gorgeous. It's sensuous wooden curves are a wonder of structural design, at once modern and old world, eye-catching and blending into the folds and contours of the landscape. It's layout also mirrors that of the main wing of the villa therein, helping to orient the interior with exterior layout. The distinctive rotunda bulwark marking the ancient portus certainly helped in this respect. Furthermore, the surrounds would have looked lovely in the sun (we visited in a downpour unfortunately): a well laid mock Roman hortus ; a shack with the remains of a hypocaust; and the skeletal outline of remains of a further wing. The exterior though brings me to one of the major problems with Braiding Villa: the lack of site specific literature. Most sites I have been to that have a shop also have a guide book (and quite a few without shops too come to think of it). In fact