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St Fagans museum eschews parochialism and selects non-Welsh firms to develop site

The St Fagans site of Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, a satellite village to Cardiff, is due for a facelift. Quite a large one in fact. This is because the National Museum is in the process of shifting its archaeological material to this site, expanding the natural history and artistic endeavours of the museum in the city’s civic centre. Personally I think that this is a dreadful idea, fuzzing the  raison d’etre of experimental archaeology at St Fagans while relegating the material human past to an extraurban setting, but that’s by-the-by. Current controversy is not over this reconfiguration of the cultural landscape, but over the fact that there were no Welsh firms selected to work on St Fagans museum . Sure, favouring Welsh architectural firms would have helped to keep the cash in the local economy. But no doubt there will be an uplift for the local construction labour pool in any case once building starts, which will serve to up employment of workers in the area. I think