Quick thoughts on @guardian http://bit.ly/lUCVzQ

A friend, @jarede, shared a link to New university gathers top academics to teach £18,000-a-year degrees, which has a raison d’etre to:

educate a new British elite with compulsory teaching in science literacy, critical thinking, ethics and professional skills on top of degree subjects taught in one-to-one tutorials

I was at first dismissive of it but I think it might work. I don't however think its a step forwards particularly, very few of the (successful) applicants won't already be from the upper echelons of the elite so it will likely make little difference to the state of education across the UK as a whole. Also, I would be interested to see how much face time and how good a quality the star lecturers are providing, as elsewhere they tend to be headline names but with little time to spare for undergrads or else are deservedly valuable for research output but are worse than useless are educators.

I do however think that the bundling of a diploma with a degree from a recognised university to recognise the diversified curriculum is an innovative way of using our current system of academic classifications.


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