Heritage works in Cardiff’s Bute Park

If you walk through the normally peaceful Bute Park, past the castle’s curtain wall at the moment you will find a series of work sites. There seem to be two major projects on going in the grounds at the moment, both of which part of the multimillion pound Lottery supported Bute Park Restoration Project.

Map picture

mill Leat

IMG_20130924_155452Drained in the 1970s, this former watercourse comprising the western side of the castle moat. We suspected (well ok, it was technically public domain via the link above, but we weren’t to know this) that something was going to happen to the leat when my partner was involved in a workplace project in the community to clear the ditch of the bracket and scrub that had filled it for my lifetime.

Blackfriars Friary site

Recognisable to residents all of Cardiff as that-funny-outline-of-bricks-that-looks-like-they-forgot-to-finish-the-demolision, this site was a Victorian partial reconstruction of the outline of one of the old friary’s of Cardiff. It, like the greyfriars friary not far to the east of the castle wall, went the way of such institutions following the Reformation. The brick outlines have been redressed and topped with lovely looking grass, giving the whole thing a much more intention air. There’s a nice little information panel up on the construction barrier fences explaining the project and promising a permanent information point to interpret the site for passers by.



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