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Moo business cards: for students

I've spent a bit of time with Moo , an online business card site, the last few days. They do a high quality product and let you choose a different backing image for each card if you wish, letting you really stand out. It's not cheap though, and what is more the smallest order quantity is 50, which may be too many for student purposes. Certainly I'm much more interested in small batches as my intention is to have them on standby for academic conferences but don't expect to be handing them out left and right. Up front I'll say that it may be possible to order small quantities by ringing the support people, about whom I've heard good things from others. Here's another way to do so though. My Moo sample pack First ensure that your contact email is an academic one, as this will get you a discount later on. You can change an existing email if you are already registered with Moo. Next select the option for a free business card sample pack. This consi

Sheila white library

Before christmas, myself and Ulriika were asked by a colleague to help him sort out the Sheila White Library. This is a great resource for the faculty and students of Ancient History at Cardiff University's School of History, Archaeology and Religion (SHARE). It was originally started as a resource for the Classics Department at the then University College Cardiff, if the arms on the sign on the door is anything to go by, and is named after a former member of faculty who bequeathed the fund to start the library. As the department over the time since then has shifted from Classics to Ancient History, there are a number of works in the collection that seem less relevant, along with some now much outdated works that show the historiographical development of the field. Nonetheless it is a great source for works which are often in short supply in the Arts and Social Sciences Library, and a much visit for research. Digitised SW Library logo - Still needs a few tweaks, obviously.