Moo business cards: for students

I've spent a bit of time with Moo, an online business card site, the last few days. They do a high quality product and let you choose a different backing image for each card if you wish, letting you really stand out. It's not cheap though, and what is more the smallest order quantity is 50, which may be too many for student purposes. Certainly I'm much more interested in small batches as my intention is to have them on standby for academic conferences but don't expect to be handing them out left and right.

Up front I'll say that it may be possible to order small quantities by ringing the support people, about whom I've heard good things from others. Here's another way to do so though.

My Moo sample pack
First ensure that your contact email is an academic one, as this will get you a discount later on. You can change an existing email if you are already registered with Moo.

Next select the option for a free business card sample pack. This consists of 10 classic or green cards (the latter feel better in the hand, are 100% recycled stock and can easily be written on) with free delivery. The design process is identical to the paid service so it will give you a good idea of how it all works. The only difference is that there will be a Moo logo in the corner on the reverse, which is not present on paid orders.

Once this sample pack has been finished and sent out, you will have the option to reorder your pack. The quantities available will now include 10, 20 and 30 cards.

But what if you need to make some changes? If you edit you pack it resets to the default minimum order of 50, which is a bit frustrating. The solution I found was to add the reorder pack to the cart, at which point you get the option to create a duplicate for a colleague. This is designed so you can use the sampler to create cards for multiple members of a team. We're more interested in it as a hackaround at this point however. Select this, make your emendations and add it to the cart. You'll have small quantities available. Now simply delete the original reorder from the cart and you'll have your edited cards on a low quantity order, ready to show off to all.

If this helped you, consider using my Moo referral link, and we'll both get a little extra discount! 

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