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SHARE with Schools website + blog

I've done a fair bit of work recently on the website for the SHARE with Schools outreach project, on which I am a Postgraduate Coordinator. I've stuck with the existing platform, on there was a site already up there, though that's perhaps a little charitable. It was not good.

Now it's looking a lot more usable and up to scratch, definitely in line with the more professional impression I want to inculcate. I've also been updating it regularly, as the blog bit, which was the front page, was 3 years out of date. That's surely worse than not having one at all! WordPress also has a useful ability to schedule them, which helps to build up a regular history of updates.

Calculate how many years between BCE (BC) and CE (AD)

Happy anniversary  It being the Ides of March, I was searching for a simple tool to calculate the number of years between the assassination of J Ceasar and now. Unfortunately the only online calculators I could find only worked in the CE date range, so I built a simple(-ish) spreadsheet to calculate between any two years BCE and CE.*

I hope this might be of use to someone, because from some brief Googling there are a lot of people out there with a very poor grasp on both timelines and number lines.

Using Kindle Paperwhite as journal reader

N.B. I wrote this post a while ago and didn't notice it sitting in draft rather than published. Since then I have discovered a further flaw, the Paperwhite seems to actually be worse at handling PDFs than previous models due to a buffer overflow issue of some sort related to a lack of addressable memory. When it works it's a useful tool, but this issue can be infuriating, leading to a cycle of the document being forced closed and reopening it multiple times in one reading session. 
As a reading device Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite represents a great improvement compared to previous generations. In particular the e-ink screen has been improved to a point where I can use it without getting upset by the distracting flashes the screen makes when it refreshes, though I note that many people I've spoken to with those older models had not even noticed the momentary blackouts. In any case, they are now infrequent and brief enough to be mostly bearable.

Office 365 for Cardiff University students

The below is quoted from an email from CUSU.

Free Microsoft Office for Cardiff University StudentsA new initiative from Microsoft which provides the Office Suite of software free of charge will be available to current students studying at Cardiff University from Thursday 6th March. This initiative will provide current students with free access to the complete Office 2013 suite (including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook and OneNote) on up to five desktop / laptop devices, and additionally on up to five mobile devices. Software under the 'Student Advantage' scheme will be able to be downloaded by current Cardiff University students from their web-based University email account. If you'd like to find out more, look here.
Microsoft already offer some great student prices (you need to authenticate with email address) on their 2013 suite, of which I have already taken advantage. Naturally, the initial announcement of this scheme came a couple of days a…