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SHARE with Schools Fitzalan blog

I've added some photos with a short description to the SHARE with Schools blog of the visit by pupils from Fitzalan High School to Cardiff University. Link below:

Ghost sign!

Despite a) it being pretty prominent and b) having walked past it gads knows how many times before, I noticed this ghost sign on the way home the other day. Ghost signs are the remains of a bygone age of advertising,  where bright signs were painted directly onto the sides of buildings, often of mixed business/residential use. Its located on the side of a house on King's Road, Cardiff, opposite Hamilton Street. You can see it on Google Streetview . ' EST.B. 1898 C.E. WATTS, Boot Repairing DEPOT ' by David Colwill is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License . You've got to love that classic pointing hand. Otherwise this one is relatively unadorned, relying on typographical elements. This may help it's legibility today, many of the more graphical and visually accomplished ghost signs are much harder to make out nowadays. From the proud date of establishment, this one must have been painted sometime last century, which does not narrow it down much.