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Taboo: 2nd Annual SHARE PG Symposium

Friday 26th September saw the second annual School of History, Archaeology and Religion Postgraduate Symposium, this year on the theme of the taboo. There was a very fascinating talk given by Dr Louise Child on the theories and application of taboo as a label and way of thinking with. This keynote ranged between the theories of Durkheim to the representation of the taboo in artefacts of popular culture such as Silence of the Lambs. This discussion was developed further in a round table session after lunch (CU catering doing a good job as always; they do some of the best catering for veggies such as me). Before that myself and another current postgraduate researcher have papers which touched on aspects of the taboo. My presentation, with an outline of my accompanying talk is at the bottom of the page (click the settings cog and show notes for the outline of the spoken parts). It's always a difficult task writing for an audience of highly intelligent and educated peers who speciali…

Review: Northern Lazio, An Unknown Italy

Northern Lazio, An Unknown Italy by Wayland Kennet

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This sadly hard to find book is a must have if you are visiting the area. That rare type of regional guide that combines interest in the ancient and later historical aspects of a place with incisive wit. Thus, of Isola Farnese: "Not an island, and only briefly Farnese" (p.170).

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