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Classical Association conference 2015 roundup

So. A couple of weekends ago was the Classical Association conference for 2015, in a rather sunny Bristol. Being at a rather close remove to my base in Cardiff, I was travelling back and forth on the train each time, with the exception of the Sunday night where we stayed in a hostel as it was the night of the gala dinner (a wise decision). The six train journeys definitely added, I think, to the heaviness of the conference overall, and I'm not sure I'd do the extra travelling again. The conference was well worth it (although I'm aware that that's easy to say when a bursary from the CA was covering the fees, gala dinner and a couple of lunches). It was fantastic catching up with some familiar faces and some new ones too. Some highlights included: the Colours of Antiquity in Silent Cinema screening at the Wickham theatre , simply a must see event if you ever have the opportunity; the three plenary lectures, of which I particularly enjoyed Shane Butler's meditati

A sketch of a Britannic god

Sketch of a Roman era Britannic god, Durham University, 20/03/2015. I spotted this little fellow in the museum level of Durham University's Palace Green Library, which houses a tiny but fun miscellaneous of natural and human history objects. My phone had run out of battery by that point in the day, so I decided that as I could not photograph it I'd sketch it instead. My sketching abilities are far from first rate, but this didn't turn out too badly: it's a pretty primitive lowish relief, so what I've drawn is pretty close to the actual artifact. It's a Roman era Britannic god. The object label described it thus: "Horned god on this stone is believed to be a native to the North East. The stone was found at Brennenium (High Rochester) Roman fort." I love the roughness of the sculpture, lacking in any refinement of technique. It speaks not just to the situation of those living on the furthest Northern reaches of the Roman empire, but also of non-el

Yazidis, ISIL and genocide (Storify)

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