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Wrangling with 3D at a Digital Classics Workshop, Institute of Classical Studies

If you're involved in some fashion in the study of Classical antiquity, or are a longsuffering friend of mine who has to listen to me blather on about such things, then you'll know that the Institute of Classical Studies (ICS) at Senate House, London, is a near peerless collection of works on the field. I'm trying to make trips there more regularly in order to do to literature surveys related to my geographically dispersed case studies. This week's trip there however coincided with the first time I'd enrolled to do a workshop offered as well: 3D approaches to cultural heritage and landscape. I think I was quite lucky to have got a place. The smallish IT training room, located in the Institute of Historical Research in the opposite wing of Senate House, was at capacity; I'd booked on only a little over a week before, and it seems that there was a reserve list in operation so I probably took one of the last places on offer. It was billed on the Classicists Lis