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Last summer I was lucky enough to take a week away to go to Rome and the surrounding region. Yes, it has taken me over a year to write this post. It wasn't exactly a holiday. Our holidays are usually of the active, cultural sort---museums and all that---rather than the lying on the beach sort.[1] But this, you see, was a research trip. I'd secured a few hundred pounds from my School's travel grant fund, paying the rest from my own bank account. There was walking. So.        Much.                  Walking. Anyway, after doing as much as I could for a few days in Rome (some of which I'll perhaps one day get around to blogging about too), I collected the rental car that I'd booked well in advance, and headed to a new base in the outskirts, from which I could drive out to my research sites. The most northerly of these was Roman Cosa, nowadays in the village of Ansedonia. You can see both the modern Ansedonia and Roman Cosa i