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#AcWriMo personal tracker

This month is #AcWriMo -- Academic Writing Month. the idea is to set goals and "write like there's no December!" More info about #AcWriMo at PhD to Published , who host the event, including a map of participants, a registration and tracking sign up and a public accountability. To make things a bit easier for myself, and because I just about barely remember my former job where productivity tracking was a way of life, I put together a little  #AcWriMo Personal productivity tracker. It's pretty simple. You record in cells D:U your writing increments for each day. Cells in C sum up these to give a daily total, which is matched against a target (here 500 words). Cells in B sum the days to give a weekly target, which is matched against the sum of the daily target (here 2,000 words). Cell A1:A30 sum, you can see where this is going, the weekly targets, and match against the sum of the weekly targets (so, here 8,000 words). The targets can be changed by viewing