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Ancient Warfare conference, Gothenburg

A few hours ago I delivered a paper at the 2016 Ancient Warfare Conference, held this year in the lovely city of Gothenburg, Sweden. I had a few technological issues. My powerpoint, which I'd just got finished late the night before, wouldn't copy to the laptop being used to run the AV or run from the USB drive. I couldn't tell what the problem was because the error message was in Swedish and the best I could get out a the only Swedish speaker in the room was that it was an error message. I unfairly neglected the two papers in the panel before me, while I did my best to create links to the dropbox files through the ipad and offlined them to my phone. What I wouldn't have given for to have brought my laptop with me like I'd originally planned, I could have just exported to PDF. But, all was for naught. My time to speak and it still wouldn't work: couldn't get the phone to mount as a visible storage device, and still didn't read Swedish to work o

Today our future was sold away by the old and the ill-educated.

Today our future was sold away by the old and the ill-educated. The citizenry of the United Kingdom has voted by a slim but definite majority to secede from the European Union. Bigotry will of course played its part, but so too the longstanding inability to communicate the benefits of being within one of the largest common markets and political projects in the world. I've long been European-minded, and have prefered to rank it above my Welsh identity, the EU being one of the prominent forces for forwards thinking, progressiveness, anti-nationalism and peace. It, and it predecessor the ECC, subsumed the proclivities for war into peaceable commercial activity and political dialogue since it's inauguration in the aftermath of the Second World War. We now risk buying to the rising tides of nationalism, and the darkness and cultural repression that such movements often represent. The areas which have voted out are in many ways the one's who benefited most directly from th

International Ancient Warfare Conference paper next week

Been up to a lot recently: got married to my fantastic partner, took a honeymoon adventure trip to Peru including trekking the Inca trail, and squeezed in a research trip to Greece--concentrating on Epirus but also taking in Athens, Corinth, Mycenae, Olympia, and Delphi--funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council Research Travel Support Grant scheme. Yesterday was mostly spent corralling the massive pile of receipts and filling in the claims form, with each of the 35 or so receipts individually accounted for. Submitted them today, along with another for my conference trip to Gothenburg. In Gothenburg I'm speaking on a major strand of my research next week at the International Ancient Warfare Conference 2016. My fees and travel are being generously covered by the postgraduate travel fund at the Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion. It's about reconstructing a mass enslavement event, about historiographical dissonance when accounting for the wrongdoing of