Ecco @Livybot! Tweeting bits from Livy daily.

Introducing Livy bot!

Livy bot is a twitter bot that tweets bits from the works of the ancient Roman historian, Titus Livius. Here's a juicy example:

About Titus Livy and his work

Livy bot
Renaissance imagining of Titus Livy
Titus Livius, or Livy he's usually called in English. He wrote a grand history of Roman history from it's beginning, called the Ab Urbe Condita, or From Its Foundation. A couple millennia later and it's still in print, Penguin and Oxford Classics both do some nice translations under various titles.

Unfortunately, a large chunk of Livy's work, which would have taken up many scrolls and is traditionally split into 142 'books', was lost in the medieval period. Luckily for us though, summaries had already been made in antiquity of all these books, which are called the Periochae or the Epitomes. Most of these survived in the medieval manuscripts.

About @Livybot

@Livybot tweets bits from the Periochae of Livy's lost books. It was made using Zach Whalen's SSBot, which is based in Google Sheets.

The text is based on the English translation by William A. McDevitte. It was published in 1850 under the title History of Rome by Titus Livius: the epitomes of the lost books. literally translated, with notes and illustrations. It is one of the out of copyright versions freely available at the Perseus Digital Library. The XML was downloaded and cleaned up, mostly using the expedient of find and replace in Word, to produce a list of individual sentences from the Periochae preceded by their book number.

Livy bot is set to tweet once or twice a day.


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