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A macro to italicise Latin in MS Word

I made a very simple macro that when clicked will italicise all Latin text in a Microsoft Word document.

Macros are bits of code that can be run in order to automate certain processes, such as the boring process of italicising all Latin text in your document. This macro will do this to any text marked with with the language "Latin (World)", so you will have to make sure that you have done this. You can usually change this by clicking on the "English" button in the status bar at the bottom of the window and selecting Latin from the modal box that pops up. I do this step as I go along, so its not very time consuming. It has the added benefit of removing the squiggling proof checking lines under any Latin text, which can be annoying and distracting from true errors, without having to add all the words to the custom dictionary or constantly selecting "ignore all". Of course if you need to do this to a large document, it might take you some time, so the same …

Getting started reading from bibliographies

One of my Year One students recently asked for some help getting started with reading for her first assessed essay in Ancient History. She was finding the reading list that we provide a bit overwhelming and wanted me to suggest what she should start with. I, however, didn't want to just point her towards any particular work in there, for a couple of reasons: I wouldn't want her to be influenced too much by my own research interests; I haven't read all of them myself and that shouldn't lead her to miss anything; and, it most of all depends on what sort of argument she would like to make (I knew the topic she'd elected but nothing more). Navigating through the research literature is part of the skills that we all want to develop in our students, and I didn't want to unduly narrow down her choices.

So, I offered some general advice on how to get started with the provided bibliography that I thought might be worth posting here. 
Start with the Oxford Classical Dictio…