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How to cite primary and secondary sources in Microsoft Word (Ancient History / Classics / Biblical studies etc.)

Introduction It's 2017, so all of us engaged in academic research should all be using a reference manager. Seriously, if you're not, go look into Endnote (which is probably available on your campus PCs), Mendeley or Zotero. They do take a bit of management, and the garbage in, garbage out principle abides, but they are indispensable. Add a reference from the web to your database: one click. Make a reference: couple of clicks. Find out the journal wants all your inline citations as footnotes: two clicks. Create your bibliography: one click.

But if you are interested in any pre-modern texts you are going to run into a problem. Although you'll want to reference your secondary sources as normal, your primary sources require very different and specific referencing styles, some of which have been developed over the centuries. These are typically in the fashion of author>work>book>passage because the citation needs to work regardless of which language, translation, edit…

A book review of: Riess, Fagan (eds.). Topography of Violence in the Greco-Roman World

The worthy people at Classics for All have been kind enough to publish my another book review from me (also free book yay!). I say worthy, because as well as offering free, open access book reviews aimed at both specialists and general readers, they do an awful lot to promote and fund Classics and Ancient History education in UK state schools.

Find the review on the Classics for All reading room.

Or, I've pasted it below for posterity. But seriously go to the CfA site to read it, you'll find many more reviews from excellent and respected experts in their field than me.