Genocide and the Middle Roman Republic, a free lecture by me

Next month I'm presenting the first of this academic year's Exploring the Past free lecture series hosted by Cardiff University's Continuing and Professional Education in conjunction with the Historical Association. I'm very excited by the opportunity; they get a great mix of people in the audience: professionals, well-informed amateurs, and those who have never learnt about a subject but are always engaged. 

I've pasted some details are pasted below, but the full listing can be seen on the CPE's portal.

And yes, that picture is a detail from the Arch of Constantine, built some 461 years after the terminus of my study period--I didn't choose it, but anyway what's half a millennium between friends, eh?

Genocide and the Middle Roman Republic

20/09/2017, 19:15 - 20:00


This lecture will be delivered by David Colwill (Cardiff University)

Continuing and Professional Education has teamed up with the Historical Association to bring you this exciting series of FREE talks delivered by local postgraduates, academics and renowned scholars from universities across the UK.

These monthly talks present an exciting window into research undertaken in areas like history, archaeology, literature and religion. They are intended to provide adult learners with a fresh and up to the minute taster of the kinds of research undertaken within the humanities at Cardiff University and beyond and to give you a taste for university study and research.

No need to book just turn up on the night!


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