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Metroid Zero Mission and genre

I've always liked playing video games but didn't ever really have a lot of them growing up. So the advent and growth of popularity of the term metroidvania didn't really mean much to me. I had Metroid II: Return of Samus on the Game Boy (quite a bit of my exposure to gaming, and especially to Nintendo gaming was in the form of their "withered technology" portables) but frankly found it very difficult as a child and never got very far with it until my recent play through on the original cartridge using my old Game Boy Advance. Oh I'd played modern era Metroid games, I loved the MetroidPrime series on the GameCube/Wii; the first, especially, captured the ethereal, lonely solitude of being the only soul standing among the ruins of past civilisations (although the mega-flies and razor grasses of the average archaeological site poses fewer dangers than the strange fauna and flora of Tallon IV). And I tried more than once to play, but hated, Metroid: Other M on Wi…

A photo essay of completing my thesis