Catch up

Hey! It's time for that classic genre of blog post, the oh-darn-it's-been-how-long post.

I don't really keep this site for much more than having somewhere to put the odd ramble, but I figured it's probably not a bad idea to do a little catch up.

Had my doctoral viva at the very end of January. It was a really great, if draining experience, lasting something like two and three quarters hours if I remember correctly. Queue lots of nervous looks on the staff and friends casually hanging around waiting to find out if the cork could be popped. My examiners Hans Van Wees and Kate Gilliver were challenging but really supportive, and the chair Maria Fragoulaki positively bubbled over with questions once the proceedings were over and the limitation on her discussing only procedural elements was lifted. I was fortunate to have passed with 'no corrections'. That means that actually I had a week to fix any errors but to be honest I'd already identified and corrected a large number of them. That week sadly had to be extended to two as I had to take a week out due to the loss of a family member living abroad. But it was done, dusted, and deposited in the institutional repository.

So that was January/February. I still haven't gone to the bank to change my title, but have already had plenty of experience of businesses, friends and close family getting it wrong. Oh well.

Since then, I've been been teaching undergraduate and lifelong learning classes, wading through marking, going to a couple of academic events, and working when time allows on a few projects. I've been asked to contribute a chapter for a volume on genocide in antiquity, and I have several articles that I'm writing up for publication. I'm also outlining and preparing my next big upcoming project, but I'll remain hush about that for now.


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