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Doctoral thesis vital statistics

Just for fun. Here's a sort-of infographic of the vital statistics for my final doctoral thesis on genocide and Rome. Although, yes I know proper infographics don't usually use emoji. If any of the below doesn't render for you or looks weird, you must have bad emoji sorry. 


Well, my last post was a catch up for a gap in bloggage. From ohmygodhowhasitbeennearlyayear! ago. Apparently I haven't been very good at the whole blogging thing. That's not been helped by a bit of down time due to a mixture of out of date payment info (on my part) and some incompetence and poor customer service (on the part of my now-ersatz domain registrar). But I've got a new registrar, have mostly got the DNS settings all sorted, and so we're back in business. At some point this blog might have to shift away from its current .eu address, due to certain ahem political clusterfu--I mean realignments happening with the UK at the moment.
Anyway. I promise to post more frequently. Probably.